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About WorkforceWatch

WorkforceWatch is a web-based content management tool that assists with case planning, tracking, and reporting. WorkforceWatch is tailored for small to medium-sized human resource departments and/or employee relations to help manage and monitor workplace issues and improve productivity.

From being able to get a broad overview of the organisations' workload of cases to inspecting cases at a more granular level, WorkforceWatch was designed with transparency taken into account, providing role-specific features to users across all levels of the organisation. In addition to case management, WorkforceWatch also allows the tracking of scheduled actions, assisting users of the system to plan and act on work items on every case.

The main design considerations for WorkforceWatch is to prioritise security and privacy, and these are approached by employing industry best-practices to secure access to sensitive information at both system and application levels.

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Workforce Watch Pty Ltd is registered in Australia with ACN 609 530 047.